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Hiab (Crane) Truck Services


Crane trucks, widely known as Hiabs, are value-added solutions to most of your pallet delivery jobs. Hiabs are an excellent way of lifting, loading, unloading and transporting your pallets without any additional equipment. This helps speed up the transferring times for your deliveries and increase your business efficiency. However, it’s not always easy to find the right Hiab truck or a flat-bed crane for your pallet delivery. Therefore, it is important to find the right service in this process.


How does it work?


In simple words, a crane is mounted on a heavy vehicle that provides you with mobility and efficiency of transporting your pallets with ease. Hiab trucks can be used to lift and move your pallets from one location to another mostly for same-day delivery. The crane truck will also help the pallet to be steady while it is being loaded or unloaded, which offers better safety of your goods. These crane trucks can be utilised to eliminate the use of forklifts or mobile cranes at collection or drop off points which can help your business save a lot of money.


When do you need a Hiab Crane Truck?


There are several reasons why one would use a Hiab for their pallet (or over-sized items) movements. However, the below are the most popular scenarios of when a flat-bed crane truck comes in handy:

  • When no forklift is available at pick-up and/or delivery, and a Tail-lift vehicle cannot be used.
  • To load or unload pallets on uneven surfaces, especially if there is a construction site, and pallet jack cannot be used.
  • When the items/pallets are too big and heavy, usually 2.4 meters or more, or too heavy to be lifted using a Tail-lift (Tail Gate) truck.


How can we assist?


Booking a job that requires Hiab for pallet delivery can sometimes be an expensive and time-consuming process if all the relevant factors are not considered properly. At Peak Up, we make it a simple and hassle-free job for your business. When booking a pallet delivery, it’s important to us that we work with fully trained licensed operators. We consistently achieve cost-effective results for your big and bulky shipments by coordinating with the most reliable and skilled operators. Additionally, our experienced office team is at your assistance to ensure that the job booking is made easier and guarantee that you get the best service possible.


Please contact us to get quotes and book your Hiab  jobs with Peak Up Transport! You can also visit our Special Delivery Services page for more options.


According to RMS NSW, Mobile cranes are classified as Special Purpose Vehicles (SPV). For more information on their restrictions and classifications, please visit https://www.rms.nsw.gov.au/business-industry/heavy-vehicles/road-access/mobile-cranes.html



8 Tonne Hiab from

Per Hour - Minimum 4 Hours
A$ 110 Excl. GST

Semi-trailer Hiab from

Per Hour - Minimum 4 Hours
A$ 135 Excl. GST

Per Pallet Rate from

available to larger customers
A$ 110 Excl. GST

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