Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

With an individual account you need to make payments with credit card right before the jobs are booked in the system. You can sign up quickly online and there is no need for your account to be approved. You may book straight after you sign up online.On the other hand, businesses need to fill up a form which requires our confirmation before it is activated. Also, businesses are sent invoices for jobs at the end of their billing cycle.

We do. However, depending on the area and urgency of your jobs we may outsource jobs to other professional transportation companies. We can still track your jobs through us.

You may contact us for more information on individual jobs. That includes information about drivers or outsourced companies.

Yes, we do. We have a professional and experienced in-house IT team to ensure our system is always preforming well. Also we are open to your suggestion to improve our website/booking page. Please contact us if you have an IT request.

We do not accept Dangerous Goods or Cash deliveries.:

Service Related Questions

We offer three local courier services:

1-     Standard Booking –Delivered 4 hours from booking time

2-     Urgent Booking – Delivered 2hours from booking time

3-     Critical Booking – Pickedup by closest driver and then taken straight to delivery location

Yes, we do same day weekend deliveries. However, quotation and bookings are done via phone only.

We deliver 95% of our jobs within the service times. However, the service times are not guaranteed and may be extended as a result of unexpected heavy traffic due to bad weather conditions, accidents, road closures, police operations, etc.

Business account holders can book vehicles up to 12 tonne trucks online. However, individuals need to call our contact centre for bookings bigger than Station Wagon.

Charges/Payments/Admin Questions:

Generally speaking, we do not add any charges to bookingfees. What you see on the confirmation page is what you pay. However, surchargesmay apply if there are extra loading/unloading times, waiting times, or futilejobs. 

We do NOT charge our clients any Fuel levy or Toll surcharge.

All charges shown on the website are inclusive of GST unless otherwise stated.

We accept motorbike bookings to improve delivery times where applicable. The charges are no different than Car bookings.

If you are signed up as a business, you are invoiced for your jobs. You may choose weekly or monthly invoicing cycles. Business accounts are set up as weekly invoicing by default. Contact us if you need it changed to monthly.